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Bengal Cat F. A. Q.

This section is devoted to my personal experience with Bengal Cats. I am not an expert simply a happy owner of a beautiful Bengal Cat and the answers listed below are based upon my experience and time spent with my Bengal Cat Lucy Law. Also I have extensive experience with domestic cats and in total have been fortunate to own two domestic cats in a span of twenty-five years and one Bengal for five years.

Question: What is a Bengal Cat?

Answer: This breed is a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic house cat.

Question: How much does a Bengal Cat cost?

Answer: Prices vary depending upon the Bengal Cat Standard which includes the shape of the head, ears, eyes, nose, neck, torso, tail, legs, feet, texture, color, pattern and contrast. To learn more about the Bengal Cat Standard please click here to educate yourself on the points allotted to Bengal Cats that are entered in various shows and what the judges look for to determine the winner. Also the price will depend upon whether or not you wish to purchase a pet or a breeder. I have looked extensively at prices for Bengal Cats and the range appears to fluctuate from $800.00 to $3,000.00. Some older cats are sold at lower prices and retired breeders are also sold for substantially less than kittens.

Question: Are Bengal Cats active?

Answer: They sure are, if you want an independent cat which is happy and content to eat, sleep and get minimal attention this is not the cat for you. Bengal Cats are extremely active. They are not content to just sit around; they need cat trees, toys, and ample space to climb.

Question: Do Bengal Cats need a lot of attention?

Answer: Bengal Cats need loads of attention. If you are considering a Bengal Cat then I suggest you ask yourself this question, do I want a cat that requires the type of attention given to a dog? Or do I want a domestic cat that is content with minimal attention? If you are not prepared to devote yourself to the Bengal Cat they become bored and when boredom sets in that can spell disaster.

Question: How do I stop my Bengal Cat from peeing outside the litter box?

Answer: This can be an arduous task and I have devoted an entire section outlining my experience with the Bengal Cat and inappropriate elimination. Although the section is very lengthy I have attempted to cover a lot of ground which I spent months exploring. Hopefully the urination outside the litter box section can assist you in your quest for a resolution as urinating outside the litter box is unacceptable behaviour. Click Here to visit Bengal Cat Litter Problems.

Question: What type of pattern is pictured below on your Bengal Cat?

Answer: My Bengal Cat Lucy has rosettes and glitter and her markings are divine. Although a picture is worth a thousand words the images you view cannot completely capture the intricacy of the pattern and shading. The glitter on my Bengal Cat is like gold dust sprinkled throughout her body. In the sun the glitter is astounding. Her little nose has a cute triangle, her eyes are green, her tummy is white, her ears are small and her body is covered in shades of brown, gold, caramel, black rosettes, beige and depending upon the lighting she can look silver or grey.

Bengal Cat Face

Question: Are Bengal Cats Soft?

Answer: Bengal Cats are as soft as silk. Running your fingers through their pelt is truly a luxury which is only surpassed by their incredible beauty.

Question: Are Bengal Cats vicious or bad tempered?

Answer: Bengal Cats have adoring personalities, they are kind and sweet and gentle. I truly believe that most pets take on characteristics of their owners. When treated badly perhaps the Bengal Cat will react accordingly as would any other family pet. Given the appropriate attention, care and love this cat will enchant you and if you had tons of money you would probably fill your house with Bengals. I know I would.

Question: Do Bengal Cats Shed?

Answer: Shedding is so minimal that I want to say no but in all honesty they do shed somewhat. The marked difference is the Bengal Cat can sit on a couch for a month and you will notice very few hairs whereas a domestic cat would fill the chair within a week.

Question: What can I do to stop my Bengal Cat from shedding?

Answer: As stated previously shedding is minimal however in some instances for no apparent reason the Bengal Cat begins to shed excessively. This occurred with Lucy approximately one month ago. The vet said shedding can be related to stress, anxiety, change of weather and in some instances the addition of Omega-3 administered on a daily basis can stop the shedding. I ruled out stress and anxiety as there are no changes in the home, her routine is unaltered and she appears very happy. The good news is Omega-3 stopped the shedding almost immediately. Should you wish to add this supplement to your Bengal Cat diet the name of the product I purchased is UBA Vet, Omega-3 Fatty Acid Liquid. While I was opening the bottle and applying the pump naturally Lucy was watching and I inadvertently squirted too much on my fingers. She immediately began licking the Omega-3 from my fingers. The next day I prepared her wet food and as suggested by the vet used half a pump of Omega-3 however Lucy would not touch her food. I tried again to no avail. Later that evening I applied to my finger and she was delighted to lick off every single bit of Omega-3 although I had to caution her not to tear the skin off my fingers because she truly enjoys the dietary supplement directly from the bottle. I tried on the palm of my hand as it was not as messy however she was not partial to the palm rather licking profusely on my fingers. Another tip I started using Omega-3 myself as the vet told me he swears by Omega and the pharmacist told me it is the best thing in the health section of the store and she uses the supplement daily. Wow we can learn so much from our pets and one appointment for an inordinate amount of shedding proved worthwhile for Lucy and her family.

Question:Can Bengal Cats see through mirrors and can they identify themselves in the mirror?

Answer: Sometimes yes and sometimes no it depends upon the Bengal Cat. Identifying their reflection or you in the background is considered an advanced intellectual skill. The skill is possible with developed frontal lobes. The picture below illustrates Lucy getting a drink of water but looking at me taking her picture. She is very aware of herself in the mirror to the point of enjoying any mirror or surface that reflects her face and body. Sometimes she stands in front of the mirror in my bedroom admiring her image and when I tell her she is beautiful she poses in front of the mirror, it is really quite funny and her favorite word is beautiful.

Bengal Cat In Sink Looking through Mirror

Question: What should I feed my Bengal Cat?

Answer: Top quality food is what you should feed your Bengal Cat. Remember they are muscular, my Bengal is slim but the perfect weight and I attribute this to her diet. I am a firm believer of giving any cat wet food as well as dry food. I leave the dry food down as I don't want her hungry in between the servings of wet food. You may be thinking that all cats should only get dry food because that is what your parents fed the cat and you received advice from a friend but I have learned a rather heartbreaking lesson regarding nutrition. Unfortunately my first cat died because of cheap food I purchased for him as he loved the taste. I was so upset when he developed FUS and was taken far too early because of cheap food. Don't make that mistake, eliminate high vet bills, obesity and severe complications by purchasing the best quality of food money can buy. And once again I will reiterate that cats need wet food. Cats are carnivores meaning they are meat eaters. I make certain Lucy has wet food daily and when I cook chicken or turkey she is given a plate (without bones) as nutrition is vital to the well being of your cat.

Question: Can you train a Bengal Cat to walk on a leash?

Yes you can train your Bengal Cat to walk on a leash. The leash is wonderful for training the Bengal Cat to jump, sit, glide, walk and run. The leash and harness control the Bengal Cat when they are climbing trees because you determine the height attained by holding or retracting the leash. I dedicated a section to leash training your Bengal Cat which may be accessed by Clicking Here.

Bengal Cat In Tree on Leash

Question: What brand of kitty litter do you use for your Bengal Cat?

Answer: I have tried several brands and the kitty litter preference for my Bengal Cat is Purina Maxx Scoop Clumping Litter. It is my belief that Bengal Cats prefer finer, softer litter and this product yields the best results. She likes the litter so much that sometimes she dive bombs the box and rolls around in the litter.

Question: What type of toys should I purchase for my Bengal Cat?

Answer: Purchase sturdy, well made toys for your Bengal Cat. Although they are more expensive you will not be disappointed as the cheaper toys are basically destroyed within seconds and on one occasion Lucy managed to get her tooth caught in the toy. This scared me and from that point onward I purchased expensive toys that are well stitched, well made and designed to be thrashed about.

Question: What is Bengal Cat Glitter?

Answer: Glitter is unique to the Bengal Cat. The Bengal Cat Glitter is derived from a wild Egyptian Mau and is a recessive gene providing a metallic appearance on the coat. The Bengal Cat presents a picture of gold glitter which is highly visible in the sunlight. The image below depicts Lucy's glitter while she was outside on a bright sunny day and I managed to capture the metallic/glitter of her coat.

Bengal Cat Glitter

Question: What sound does a Bengal Cat make?

Answer: The big loud one is the Call of the Wild and their voices include chortle, squeaky, growling, loud, musical, screaming and yes sometimes normal.

Question: Do Bengal Cats need to climb frequently or moderately?

Answer: Bengal Cats need to climb frequently. Even though they inspect an area thoroughly because they are curious by nature they must continually climb and if you have precious ornaments I suggest you purchase a curio cabinet as I had to buy one almost immediately. Lucy did not break any of my ornaments but due to the continuous climbing I was getting really nervous. Unlike domestic cats which appear relatively happy to inspect an area a few times the Bengal Cat has a burning desire to inspect the area daily. Be very careful with any item on a shelf or cabinet and if you do not have a place for your prized possessions put them away until you locate a piece of furniture which will house the items behind glass.

Question: Can Bengal Cats be left alone?

Answer: For short periods of time you can leave the Bengal Cat alone. If you plan on travelling and work long hours the Bengal Cat is not a good choice for your lifestyle. The Bengal Cat does well in an environment where they get loads of attention and have the ability to integrate into your lifestyle. It is unfair to purchase a Bengal Cat with the intent of leaving the Bengal alone for prolonged periods. This can lead to problems with behavior and inappropriate elimination. Of course the owner then wants to rid themselves of the Bengal so do give the matter serious consideration before you purchase a Bengal Cat.

Question: Are Bengal Cats clean?

Answer: Bengal Cats are extremely fastidious in their grooming habits. Lucy literally soaks some of her body while cleaning because she goes over the area an inordinate amount of time. My Bengal Cat Lucy always smells clean with no odor and the freshness is comparable to unscented soap. Her tongue is extremely coarse and when she wants to clean you the result is somewhat painful depending upon the area she is cleaning. I managed to catch a picture of her the other day going through her daily ritual and this is a close up picture of the Bengal Cat tongue.

Bengal Cat Tongue

Question: What color are the paw pads on a Bengal Cat?

Answer: The paw pads on a brown Bengal Cat should be black. All four paw pads should be black. The paw pads on silver Bengal Cats should be black. All four paw pads on the silver Bengal should be black. The paw pads on a Seal Lynx Point Bengal Cat should be dark seal brown. All four paw pads on the Seal Lynx Point Bengal Cat should be dark seal brown.

Question: Are Bengal Cats safe outside?

Answer: Yes if you purchase a good harness, leash, Revolution and provide constant supervision. Bengal Cats love the outdoors and I believe they do well with fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Revolution is a treatment and control of flea and ear mite, infestation, intestinal hookworm, roundworm infections and the prevention of heartworm disease. It is approximately $20.00 per month, easy to apply and I would not take Lucy outside without applying the Revolution 24 hours in advance of her outing. The Bengal Cat is not safe outside unsupervised. Why is the Bengal Cat compromised when allowed outside without supervision? First and foremost many are stolen because of their exotic beauty and monetary value. The Bengal Cat may get hit by a car or attacked by wildlife in your on back garden. Dogs and disease are issues to consider plus neighbors calling Animal Rescue to remove your Bengal Cat and integrate with animals that are sick.

Question: What question is most frequently asked when people see my Bengal Cat?

Answer: The most frequently asked question I receive is about Lucy's personality. People are shocked to see an animal which looks wild yet possesses an adoring personality. She is very gentle, active, has many voices, enjoys climbing and loves going outside for her daily stroll. My Bengal Cat Lucy is very attached to me and thoroughly enjoys helping with laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting but she detests the vacuum. Her favorite task is assisting with the fluffing and folding of laundry and she always walks on my floor before it dries. My Bengal Cat Lucy's beauty on the exterior is matched only by the beauty of her interior.

Bengal Cat Tongue

Question: Should I get a Bengal Cat?

Answer: Yes if you are prepared to:

Give the Bengal a lot of attention.

Purchase large climbing trees and top quality food for the Bengal.

Prepare your house for the Bengal Cat.

Spend money to prepare your house for the Bengal Cat.

Reserve places for precious ornaments and breakables, I purchased a large curio cabinet. Be ready to remove carpet and possibly roll up that beautiful hand cut Chinese carpet.

Have patience with behavioural issues such as urinating outside the litter box.

Enjoy their vocal abilities but if you do not like loud sounds this is not the cat for you.

Bengal Cats need to climb frequently so you must remove china, glassware, etc. from the top of cabinets and bookshelves.

Purchase mattress covers for all your beds the type that are waterproof.

Remove any cushions lying flat and no plastic bags, gym bags, luggage, sheets, laundry, in the open.

Be available because if left alone for prolonged periods the results can be catastrophic. High energy, super charged, intelligent and vocal is the type of cat residing in your home. The Bengal Cat is not a lap cat.

Because of the high intellect Bengal Cats can be challenging. They learn quickly and often mimic your gestures therefore you must be careful regarding light switches, doors, flushing toilets and many other daily functions. The Bengal Cat will learn how to turn the lights on and off and who wants the Bengal Cat flushing the toilet all night long?

There are some health issues associated with the breed and this can be costly.

The initial purchase of the Bengal is pricey but there are alternatives such as older cats, retired breeders and people who want to rid themselves of their Bengal. Some people wanting to sell their Bengal Cats using excuses like we are moving, too busy for the cat, allergies, new home, house is too small, Bengal is too active often translate into problematic issues.

If at all possible it is best to purchase a kitten however the downside is the cost. But you enjoy those magical moments and kitten antics plus you have the ability to train the Bengal from an early age and fully integrate the kitten into your environment.

The positive side of purchasing a Bengal Cat:

The Bengal Cat will give you a lot of attention so the attention aspect is reciprocal.

The Bengal Cat usually forms a strong bond to one person. This bond is indestructible. They are loyal and loving. The Bengal Cat personality is gentle, outgoing, vocal and filled with wonder.

The money spent on purchasing strong trees and toys is rewarded as the Bengal Cat will not ruin your furniture.

Your house will automatically get the de-cluttered look compliments of the Bengal Cat.

Although carpets pull rooms together it is a lot easier to clean the house without carpeting.

You really should have a mattress cover on your bed to protect the mattress therefore some of the expenses before introducing the Bengal Cat to your home are really good ideas.

You will learn quickly how to keep the house super tidy. A place for everything and everything it its place.

Although costly sometimes it is worthwhile to indulge and if you love cats and want a Bengal Cat save money for this exotic beauty because the Bengal Cat will enchant you. I guarantee your experience with this breed will be phenomenal and probably the most overwhelming beauty you could introduce into your life.

A Bengal Cat in your home is like having a piece of the jungle prancing around and their intelligence, vocal skills and softness is unparalleled. The breed is positively captivating but perhaps better suited to either experienced or patient cat owners.
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